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Working with Atlanta Falcons and how they made it to the Superbowl

If you saw Sunday’s Super Bowl, you’ll have seen that despite being beaten by the New England Patriots, the relationship at the heart of the Atlanta Falcons is one which has been lacking in the English Premier League. It began two years ago when Dan Quinn was hired to coach the team- reduced the amount…

A pivotal summer for head coaches in the Premier League

I’ve recently been asked for my thoughts on whether Premier League clubs are going through the correct process when recruiting and appointing a new manager? I’ve shared my thoughts with The Independent, you can read it here:

Carlo Ancelotti – Top 5 Leadership Insights

1. ‘Servant Leadership’ I have been asked several times to describe Carlo’s leadership style. I would say it is more ‘servant leadership’ or better put, to lead the people around him through great insight and experience, but doing so from behind. He allows people to have opinions and feel as though they are designing both…

QUIET LEADERSHIP Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches by Carlo Ancelotti, with Chris Brady and Mike Forde

QUIET LEADERSHIP Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches by Carlo Ancelotti, with Chris Brady and Mike Forde Portfolio Penguin | 26th May 2016 | £16.99 Legendary football coach Carlo Ancelotti is to write a management memoir for Portfolio Penguin. Quiet Leadership will be published in Spring 2016. Carlo Ancelotti has won football’s ultimate prize, the Champions League, a record five times – twice…

Financial Times article by Mike Forde and Simon Kuper

Mike Forde and Simon Kuper talk to the FT on how businesses can learn from how the world’s top football coaches manage their talent. For full article please click here: